Humboldt Best Dry CleanersHumboldt Best Dry Cleaners

Professional Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

We can dry clean almost any garment you choose to have dry cleaned. We are committed to using the best environmentally friendly solutions to provide an unparalleled dry cleaning service that is gentle on fabrics and tough on stains. We have over 25 years of experience in garment care and we inspect every garment rigorously to ensure you receive the best service.

Dress Shirt Service

Your shirt is one of the most important elements of your outfit. Don’t neglect this element, choose Best Dry cleaners to look your best. We offer premium shirt dry cleaning services with a high attention to detail.

Luxury Apparel Service

Luxury Apparel is often handmade with unique elements and expensive. In many cases, these garments are one-of-a-kind and thus need a personalized cleaning process to ensure it stands the test of time.


Convenient Services

We understand our clients have busy lifestyles, that’s why we strive to make our services convenient. Our goal is to help make your life easier by providing a high quality service at a competitive price. Having a convenient option for your dry cleaning, alterations, and basic laundry can make a huge impact on your professional and personal life. Let’s be realistic – life is hectic, and the most precious thing you have is your valuable time. We make it a breeze to look impeccable, always ahieving that lasting impression.

Two Convenient Locations

In an effort to make our service more convenient we have two locations in Humboldt County. We have our main location in Eureka, CA and our second location in Mckinleyville, CA.

Convenient Pick-up

Dry cleaning service has become a popular employee benefit and also a personal time saver. Whether you dry clean weekly, monthly, or just one in a while, you can enjoy the convenience of having your dry cleaning picked up on a convenient schedule.


More Convenience

Delivering convenience is one of our greatest goals in this business. We want to make your life easier by offering an inclusive service and keep you from running around town for different services.

Wash & Fold Services

Wash and Fold is just like going to the laundromat, except we do all the work for you. First your clothes is sorted and colors are separated from whites, then we wash your clothes in separate machines for each customer. Lastly, your clothes will be neatly folded, socks are matched, and the clothes is wrapped up nice and tidy like a gift.

Alterations & Repair

We offer our clients basic tailoring and alterations for their garments. If requested, we provide our clients basic tailoring. This includes services like hemming, garment repair, zippers, and minor mending. At Best Dry Cleaners, we want to help you look and feel your best so if a tailoring job is out of our scope we will refer you to someone that can help you.


Bridal Gown Services

Best Dry Cleaners offers one of the most detail-oriented, expert gown-cleaning and preservation service available. We provide exceptional cleaning and restoration services as well as special packaging and preservation that keep your cherished items in pristine condition. Our cleaning technicians have decades of experience and will ensure your wedding dress stays flawless before, during, and after your wedding.

Clean Only / Press Only

We offer a clean only service where we remove dirt and grime from the bottom of the train. We also remove any damage caused by make-up, spills, perspiration, and any other environmental cause. This service is typically performed after the wedding. We also offer a clean and press before the wedding.


We also offer an heir-looming box-and-preserve service to keep the wedding gown in great condition for many years to come. We use an acid-free box that helps to preserve the condition of the dress.


Specialty Garments & Fabrics

Whether it’s a silk scarf, an ornate hand decorated garment with bead-work, fine linen, or leather and suede; Best Dry Cleaners treats each specialty garment with the gentleness and attention they deserve. We gently clean the most delicate of fabrics – silks, velvets, crepe, organza, and more.

Fine Linen

We are Humboldt County’s finest #1 choice for dry cleaning fine linens, draperies, and other home linen! For decades we have offered dry cleaning services for drapes, comforters, linens, tablecloths, pillow cases, and any other fine linen.


Special Features

Our goal is to provide the best quality service at a competitive price. We work hard to restore your garments to their optimal condition. Whether your clothing has strong odors that cannot be removed or pet hair and stains. Let us help you look and feel your best!

Smoke Odor Removal

We specialize in the restoration of smoke and fire damaged clothing and household fabrics. Our special processes will restore your household fabrics to their original condition.

Pet Garment Care

We love our pets, and when the temperatures drop or the rain and snow fall, we always make sure they are dressed for the weather. If you treat your pets the same way, let us maintain their Sunday best for you.


Contact Us

Drop by one of our locations and receive a complimentary price quote for cleaning services that will fit your needs and your budget

Eureka Location
632 E St
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Mckinleyville Location
2023 Central Ave.
McKinleyville, CA 95519
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Monday - Saturday

We are open Monday through Saturday. We ask that you contact us in advance for any rush orders for an optimal experience. Although we have fast turn around times, strong communication with our staff will allow us to better serve you.

Customer Service

We encourage our customers to stop by with any questions, comments, or concerns. You can contact us at any of our two locations.