Price List


Item Price
Pants Laundered $7.25
Pants Dry Cleaned $8.40
Pants Lined $9.10
Jeans w/ Heavy Starch $7.25
Shorts $6.95

Men’s Shirts

Item Price
Men’s Shirts Laundered $3.70
Men’s Shirts Dry Cleaned $7.25
Men’s Polo $4.25

Suits & Coats

Item Price
Two Piece Suit $17.95
Three Piece Suit $22.80
Blazers $11.00
Pea Coat $17.10 and up
Jacket $13.35 and up


Item Price
Ties $5.15
Scarves $5.15 & Up
Vests $6.95 & Up

Women’s Dresses

Item Price
Standard Dress $9.25 and up
Formal Dress $22.05 and up
Two Piece Dress $18.90
Women’s Skirt $8.40 and up

Women’s Blouses

Item Price
Blouse Laundered $5.25
Blouse Dry Cleaned $7.90 and up
Women’s Sweater $9.25 and up

Wedding Gowns

Item Price
Clean Only $94.50 and up
Press Only $80.10 and up
Cleaned & Pressed $152.50 and up
Plain Dress $60.00
Heirloomed $192.15

Military Uniforms

Item Price
Laundered Uniforms $4.60
Dry Cleaned Uniforms $5.10

Wash & Fold

Item Price
Wash & Fold Per Pound $1.25

Press Only

Item Price
Blazer $6.30
Blouse $3.80
Dress $6.40 & Up
Pants $4.20
Men’s Shirt $3.00
Suits $10.50
Skirts $4.90 & Up
Shorts $3.00

Household Items

Item Price
Comforters Laundered $22.90
Comforters Dry Cleaned $32.90
Sleeping Bags $22.90 & Up
Blankets $25.40
Throws $13.80
Pillows $10.00
Tablecloths (Large) $19.00 & Up
Tablecloths (Small) $8.80

Please Note:

Some items that require special handling may cost more. Our pricing is based on the type of fabrics and on the style of the garment and any special handling that the fabrics and style may require. For instance, there are increased charges for silk, linen, cashmere, wool, beaded, fancy items, etc.

In short, we base pricing on the type of material, style, unlined or lined, weight and in certain cases, the condition of the garment.

Please, do ask at the counter if you have any questions about pricing! Some questions can be answered over the phone, but for us to give you an accurate quote, we need to see the item.