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Humboldt Best Dry Cleaners

At Humboldt Best Dry Cleaners, we understand that first impressions are everything that’s why we’re dedicated to helping you look and feel your best.  Our state-of-the-art cleaning process is gentle on fabrics and hard on stains. We have provided Humboldt dry cleaning services for over 25 years.

Environmentally-Friendly Dry Cleaning Services

Best Dry Cleaners is the premier provider of environmentally-friendly dry cleaning services in Humboldt County. We are committed to running a low impact business, including using biodegradable, non-toxic solutions, and energy efficient machinery, while providing the best quality and innovative dry cleaning services.

Company History 

Best Dry Cleaners has been a locally owned and operated business since 1988. Phillip Kurts has been working with dry cleaning and spotting garments for over 25 years. He uses state-of-the-art technology and special solutions to remove dirt, spots, and odors from a variety of fabrics.

Our Philosophy

We are environmentally friendly and use a non-toxic virtually odorless process which produce the best proven results. With our cleaning procedure colors stay bright and whites stay white.



Superior Cleaning Solutions


Professional Dry Cleaning

We are the premier provider of eco-friendly dry cleaning services in Humboldt County. We are committed to using biodegradable, non-toxic solutions, and energy efficient machinery while providing superior quality and innovative dry cleaning services.

We can dry clean almost any garment you choose to have dry cleaned. Blouses, suits, dresses, sweaters, and coats are the most commonly dry cleaned items. We carefully inspect the quality of our service multiple times before we deliver you your garment.

We treat every piece of garment that comes through our doors as if it we’re our own because we want you to look and feel your best. We inspect your garments rigorously looking for spots, stains, and imperfections so that you can rest assured you are looking your best. You can count on Humboldt Best Dry Cleaners to help you look your best and make a dazzling first impression.

Fine Dress Shirts

A fine dress shirt is the foundation of any great outfit, that’s why we take great efforts to ensure your dress shirt looks stunning. We customize the way we treat every shirt to ensure we provide the highest quality service.

Luxury Apparel

When you pay top dollar for clothing, it makes sense to hire a professional to care for it. We service luxury apparel like Miss Me, True Religion, Rock Revival, and others with the most sophisticated technology.

Formal Wear

Let us help you prepare your outfit for your next formal event. Whether you need service for a suit, blazer, pants, or anything else you can count on Humboldt Best Dry Cleaners.

Specialty Clothing

We service a variety of items like blazers, sweaters, and hoodies. All items are washed according to fabric content and they are all hand pressed to ensure the creases and fine details are carefully addressed.

Fine Linen Dry Cleaning

Fine linens are delicate and require careful attention when cleaning. We specialize in stain removal procedures that are gentle on precious fabrics, hard on stains and dirt, so they look and feel great without compromising their integrity.

After cleaning and inspecting each item, we then fold and press them to look like new. Our professional linen cleaning can extend the life of your high quality linens, table cloths, and bedding – keeping your treasured linens looking their best for many years to come.

We clean a variety of linens like table cloths, napkins, bed sheets, pillow cases, comforters, drapes, and curtains.

Bulk Bedding

Professional care and cleaning of comforters and bedspreads keeps your family’s bed linens looking their best. We highly recommend having all your matching sets cleaned at the same time to maintain coloration and appeal.

Table Linens

Fine linens are a big investment and can often last for generations when properly cleaned, treated, and cared for. Specialty fabrics often require a professional touch.

Bridal Gown Services

At Best Dry Cleaners, we understand the emotional connections that make special garments mean so much to you! Our bridal care program was designed to meet ALL your bridal gown needs – before and after your wedding, your wedding gown will receive more tender loving care from us than even YOU would give it.

Your wedding dress is a symbol of your big day, your marriage vows, and the start of your new life together with your spouse. Make it last forever with Best Dry Cleaners bridal care program. Our thorough inspection and treatment process will vitalize your wedding gown for generations to come.

This is your dress, and it needs to fit you like like the proverbial glove, which is where our highly trained and qualified tailoring staff will provide the answer to your pre-wedding prayers.


Leather and Suede Cleaning

Leather and suede items are made from natural or synthetic fibers, and thus are extremely difficult to maintain. They call out for a professional touch to keep their look, shape, and feel. Our trained professionals will ensure your leather and suede garments last a long time.

We offer professional leather and suede cleaning and refinishing. We offer animal and synthetic fur cleaning and polishing

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